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We LOVE To Help Property Sellers & Buyers With New Beginnings!

If you’re seriously considering buying or selling real estate, then we have a plan that you can trust!

The Griffin Realty Group is passionate about cutting through the myths and noise about real estate by providing home sellers and buyers with easy-to-understand, proven plans.

If you’re a residential home seller or a home buyer that needs to take more immediate action, then you can Get Started right now by accessing our set of Free On Demand Courses here on our website. Click Here: https://GriffinCourses.com

For the rest of you, let’s talk about how this company comes to be and why we think it’s important to answer your real estate questions here.

First of all, for most people, selling or buying a home is one of the single largest financial and emotional transactions they will ever make in a lifetime, so you’ll need proper guidance to avoid making a big financial mistake or having an emotional break down during the process.

Remember, as smart as you might already be, selling and buying real estate is just something most people don’t do every day, so it presents an entirely new set of challenges.

So why trust us and accept the guidance of our people?

Good question!

You’ll discover that I’m one of those rare breeds in real estate who is both an active listing and selling broker, as well as founder and head real estate agent coach at TheRealtyClassroom.com…the place where we help entrepreneurial real estate agents build a better business. So by doing and teaching I’ve been able to make many distinctions about the business from many angles.

My real estate career dates back to 1991 when I first dove into property investment thanks to a late night infomercial product and soon bought my first investment property with a $17,000 credit card advance and a very high interest loan.

However, shortly into my investment career, I felt that something was missing.

I felt that a deeper satisfaction in real estate would come to me by helping other people get through the process of buying or selling a home for themselves. I felt it would be a higher calling to help people find a property they would call home.

When the partners at Realty Executives first hired me, they asked, what’s your business plan? I said give me 2,000 business cards, a desk and a lamp and I’ll bring the Army helmet…it sounds so ridiculous now, but at the time there was no time to plan.

Over the next five years I would collect plenty of accolades including being ranked in the top 10 nationally, internationally and even interplanetary…you get the point – who really cares…the point is I was trying to help as many home sellers and buyers as possible, however, I was doing it mostly on muscle and was sacrificing my own family life.

What I did next, was find mentors and gained as much knowledge as I could and started to pound out an understanding of how residential real estate is best sold and purchased and structured the proprietary way we help home sellers and buyers to this very day.

So that’s how we arrive here today…

After 5 years at Realty Executives, I founded Danny Griffin Real Estate in 2005, which has now become The Griffin Realty Group with offices in both Boston, my home town and Cape Cod, my childhood retreat and one of Massachusetts’s most beautiful areas.

The need to help buyers and sellers in the new Digital Age has pushed us even further as we find people lost in an ocean of too much information.

Now we’re far from having all of the answers you’ll need and you certainly don’t have to agree with us, but know that we have accumulated a massive education and put it in an order that we think can benefit anybody engaged in a residential real estate transaction.

By educating ourselves, we can all go on a journey together to raise the standard for how a real estate transaction happens. It’s time to improve the process by pursuing the truth and dispelling the myths.

The starting point is based in whatever question that YOU might have about selling or buying residential real estate and after doing this for many years now, I can tell you that there’s no such thing as a “dumb question.” In my experience, those home sellers and buyers who start by asking the most basic questions have the best outcomes!

You see, although a real estate transaction can be complicated and loaded with many micro details that must be orchestrated correctly to avoid problems, there’s actually a universal way that all sales are manufactured, just like a Henry Ford assembly line.

So it’s best to learn about the process, because a solid, simple strategy will lead to an enjoyable experience and might we dare say fun!

So to help you take immediate action and get you started in the right direction we’ve prepared several Free Educational Gifts – Our On-Demand Courses! (These are free instant access programs and you have no obligation to sell or buy with us.)

If you like what you learn here, then we’d appreciate it if you would pay it forward and share our resources with people you care about who might be thinking about selling or buying real estate!

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