• 300 Pier 4 Blvd #PHD, Boston, MA 02210
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  • 346 Congress St #PH2 | PH4, Boston, MA 02210
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  • 300 Pier 4 Blvd #PHM, Boston, MA 02210
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  • Overview of Seaport

Much like its name suggests, Seaport at one time was a large port warehousing district known for its large parking lots and many warehouses. Now the area is a bustling, multi-functional neighborhood that is full of retail stores, luxury condominiums, office buildings, and cultural venues. Young professionals who are looking for luxury property in an area that is close to the water, but still in the heart of the city can find what they’re looking for in Seaport.

Location is everything. Seaport, also known as the South Boston Waterfront, sets right across from the downtown area. It’s within minutes of the airport and close to the highway making it easily accessible from almost anywhere. The Harborwalk runs along the piers connecting the city with the newly restored and refreshingly clean Boston Harbor. In addition to being next to Boston Harbor, the Seaport District also includes Liberty Wharf, Fan Pier, Fort Point, and Seaport Place.

The Seaport District has small pocket gardens scattered throughout the area. These are well-known along North Avenue. Trolley tours are available that take people for citywide tours that pass along the gardens as you travel through the newly renovated, upscale neighborhoods. What used to be a desolate wharf has now transitioned into a hustling, bustling modern city that offers something for almost everyone. From the piers to the museums, whether you are walking or taking the trolley, there is never a dull moment.

With thousands of new jobs, Seaport is now being referred to as the Innovation District. People are making their way from the Fort Point Channel into the Seaport area looking to find new luxury lofts and condominiums where they can enjoy life to the fullest. While the residential area continues to expand, restaurants ranging from small cafes to larger eateries are beginning to appear. Menton, Drink, and Sportello have been opened by Barbara Lynch. As one of Boston’s premier restaurateurs, Lynch is well-known for developing some of the best restaurants in the area. As a seaport, you can count on the area having some of the finest seafood establishments in the area.

Liberty Wharf has been newly developed allowing it to cater to the crowds who are in search of waterfront dining at its finest. The $60 million development is now home to the likes of Del Frisco’s and Temazcal. The Legal Harborside is a 3-story establishment that offers the finest seafood in the area. All three floors boast some form of seafood, with the third floor, the roof top bar being known for its sushi. No matter what type of cuisine you are looking for, you can find it in Seaport. From delicious meals to luxury homes and condos, the area isn’t just a seaport. It’s THE Seaport for living life to the fullest.