"Although we sell properties, it’s the people we serve and their stories that motivate us to do what we do!

We recognize that the purchase of a residential property is one of the single largest financial and emotional transactions people will ever make in a life time, so we continue to refine the details of our professional approach.

While it's important to be on the cutting edge as a company, it's more important for us to sweat the details so our clients don't have to.

Simply put, while we may not be perfect we place our faith in serving other people and stand upon a simple mantra: Be A Person For Others!"

Danny Griffin, Founder

Jennifer Belesi
"Jennifer talks about how she dealt with the struggles of looking for a home online and getting her husband onboard with buying on Cape Cod 100 miles away from home!"

Lyndsay & Bobby Scott
"Lyndsay & Bobby talk about the challenges of selling and buying at the same time and their concerns about their two little boys going through that big change!"

Sharon Fowler
"Sharon, a 3 time Griffin, talks about her journey to Cape Cod where she and her husband looked at over 1,100 properties online (still our record holder) only to arrive and find out that her favorite was a disaster!

Matthew Keenan
"Matthew Keenan discusses how our unique programs brought in more buyers in one weekend than he had seen in the previous 6 months!"


Svetlana & Bob
"These Happy Griffins are smiling because they just discovered there were hardwood floors under the carpet in their new house!"

Georgia Giardini
"Georgia had trouble selling her waterfront Cape Cod cottage until she hired the Griffin Realty Group and we used our unique marketing programs to get it sold!"