Here’s the Why & the How this works:

  1. WHY: We want to be able to help as many property buyers and sellers as possible by answering their questions, however, we also want the answers to be heard by as many people as possible who might be interested in hearing the answers.
  2. HOW: You simply use the microphone on your computer (yes this works on mobile devices as well) to ask your question about all things real estate and we will answer them in the form of a podcast episode. (If you’re new to the world of podcasting then learn more here:
  3. RULES: You need to be courteous. You have only 1 minute or we can’t feature your question. You need to leave your name and town/city.

Sooo, ask away! :)

DISCLAIMER: You agree in advance that by leaving us a question you’re also giving us permission to feature your voice on the public broadcast of the podcast. You also understand that we are offering guidance and not guaranteeing a particular result.